Wealth Management Portfolio

Wealth management is when the entire financial management of an affluent individual is done by a wealth manager. He provides services such as planning the investment portfolio, accounts, and tax planning, planning for the retirement fund, estate planning, philanthropy, etc.

For planning the portfolio of investments of the client, the wealth manager understands the financial objectives of his clients. Once he is clear about the specific long-term and short-term goals of the clients, he suggests various investment strategies to plan the investment portfolio of the client.

Portfolio management is essentially matching the investments to the financial objectives. It involves asset allocation. Wealth managers actively manage the portfolio through investment decisions based on research and on the client’s holdings.

The ultimate objective of the wealth manager is to maximize risk-adjusted returns for his clients through various investments. Also, he aims at minimizing the losses due to fluctuations in the stock market.

Since the stock market is unpredictable he uses his experience and foresight to suggest investment options to his clients. He uses a mix of long-term and short-term investment strategies to plan the entire investment portfolio of his clients.

Some basic elements of the wealth management portfolio are:

Asset allocation:                                    

Some assets are more volatile in nature than others. Hence the assets should be selected so that they have a low correlation to each other. Depending on the preference of the investor volatile or stable assets are selected.


Diversification helps minimize risks as it spreads the investments across different asset classes.


Rebalancing is a method used for returning a portfolio to its original target allocation annually. This enables retaining an asset mix that best reflects an investor’s risk/return profile. If rebalancing is not done the variations in the market could expose the investments to a greater risk.

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