Risk Management

I have worked on or around institutional and family office investment portfolios for over 20 years now.



And one area I have always found challenging was Investment Risk Management.

I could count, on one hand, the number of clients who could give me an accurate and timely answer to what their portfolio would do if the S&P 500 was down lets say 20%.

Or if credit spreads blew out 100 bps tomorrow.

Or how about if they needed to raise 25% cash in a week, how that could be done and what would be liquidated?

As private investments proliferated it was very rare for the CIO to have a good grasp on the entire portfolio:

  • what was owned;
  • where the sensitivities where;
  • the liquidity profile;
  • the marginal risk exposures;
  • the overall fit of new investments into the portfolio;
  • and scenario analysis and planning


Then came Socially Responsible Investing and Impact Investing and ESG along with a host of other worthy causes BUT measuring success was a challenge.

  1. What benchmarks to use;
  2. How to monitor if mandates were being adhered to;
  3. And how to track non-qualitative issues.


All this is a way of saying we spent many many hours developing our own proprietary Risk Management system to handle BOTH public and private securities, slice ‘n dice portfolios in myriad of different ways and understand where the Underbelly lies.


We were so happy with the results that we decided to make our solutions accessible beyond clients and we rolled out software for broader use … so here we are!


This tool is perfect for Family Offices who want to measure portfolio risk across public and private holdings


And Most Importantly — Requires Minimal Start -Up or Ongoing Time Commitment


As the 16th century saying goes:


“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”
– Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus


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Thank you!

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