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For our private clients, we are hunting Elephants.

A parabolic Bull market aka. Elephant Bull starts out as the solution to a BIG PROBLEM.

Something MASSIVE like global warming, space exploration, communication etc.

Something that solves for our most basic needs, Food, Shelter, Security.

For example, Bitcoin solves for monetary debasement and excess central bank printing. Bitcoin is an unbounded, transparent currency with no Central Bank issuer.

Some elephant bulls (and bears) we have participated in successfully over our career:

  • Internet 1.0 –> late 1990s
  • Commodities –> early 2000’s
  • Market Neutral and Global Macro —> 2008

Not to say we’ve written the book on it. But we have learned a few humbling lessons to help us catch the meat of a parabolic, rampaging Bull.


Bull Market identification rule #1 – A parabolic market MUST be met with utter disbelief.

That is, there is no way in heck this solution will solve the insurmountable issue. The solution can evoke mass emotions of:

  1. Disbelief e.g. magic as in stem cell rejuvenation;
  2. too good to be true – space travel – or;
  3. visceral hatred and a fear derived from a lack of understanding – nuclear power.



Bull Market identification rule #2 – YOU the investor must have the fortitude to take action WHILE looking like a complete idiot to the rest of the world.

The earlier you get onboard a Super Elephant Bull, the less you have to risk. Turning pennies into SERIOUS $. But it’s extremely hard to move against the herd mentally!

Your personal psychology is profoundly important here.

Behavioral finance is a burgeoning field. We don’t profess to be masters, only humble Practitioners.

The fact is your personal wiring impacts your ability to attract and hold wealth.

Unless you are born with it or had parents instill money making habits in you, the learning process here is slow and hard.

Two sources that have been game changers for us have been:


I.            Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T.Harv Eker – 20 thought patterns to attract and keep wealth;
II.            Secrets of High States – Jim Dines – Acts of Service attract ‘luck’ by some profound Universal Law.


We cannot stress how important both of these have been in our investing education and career!


Bull Market identification rule #3 – Wait for momentum BEFORE you buy

All the variables of an Elephant Bull may be in place for a while, but prices don’t move immediately higher, a form of mass disbelief.

This period can last a LONG time and test the nerves of even the most patient investors.

A better approach would be to wait for the momentum to pick up before buying.

Luckily this is quite easy to do since momentum is measurable.

Free Stock Screeners can sift through thousands of issues based on innumerable criteria. This example screens for down and out micro-cap companies trading way below their 52 week highs which have recently moved above their 50 day moving average.

What we are looking for is a common themes among the results. A disparate group of stocks moving higher at the same time can be an important clue as to the next Elephant Run.

As stat quants know, stocks in different sectors link through common economic threads. So if stocks from a disparate group are moving together there may be a broader theme afoot.

One that comes to mind is Internet 2.0 and its ability to restructure wide swathes of business eg. Home Buying (Zillow) and recruitment (LinkedIn).

Bull Market identification rule #4 – buy FUNDAMENTALLY sound businesses

We won’t dwell on this one as it is handled ad nauseam in Investment literature.

The well-worn tomb on value investing is Security Analysis by Graham and Dodd.

For more reading ZING, The Most Important Thing Illuminated by Howard Marks talks about the golden Margin of Safety!

To begin with, a business primed for parabolic stock price movement usually has very low debt. More is piled on as M&A picks up. And enough cash on the Balance Sheet to sustain the business before it achieves lift-off velocity!


Pour Conclure

Yes it’s worth chasing down a mania.

There are immense rewards for those who get in early before the herd shows up.

Hold FIRMLY for years despite the inevitable ups and downs.

Use discipline to sell small amounts on the way UP.

Realize nobody ever gets out at the top consistently.

Lives to fight another day with the knowledge that there is always a BULL market somewhere!


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