Choose the Best Investment Strategies

There are numerous investment strategies for an investor to choose from. However, there are no fixed good or bad investment options. It is recommended not to get swayed by the market trends or the investment strategies your friends might have opted for. This is because in the investment market there is ‘no one rule that fits all’ as individual needs vary.

It is best to study various investment options and understand the market trends and then select the investment strategies that best meet your requirements.

It helps to seek the advice of a professional while choosing investment strategies. But it does help to be well informed about the nuances of certain time-tested strategies.

Fundamental Analysis

It entails analysis of financial statements for selection of quality stocks. In this method, the investor compares the past and present data of a particular business with others in the industry. Based on this he decides whether to invest in the stocks or not.

Value Investing

Value investing implies investing in stocks selling at a discount. This is a popular tactic employed by the mutual fund or ETF(Exchange Traded Funds)  investors. A value investor does not analyze the financial statements for choosing an investment option. Instead, he opts for index funds, ETFsor actively managed funds that hold stocks.

Growth Investing

Growth stocks are those that perform the best during the maturity stage of the market cycle in a healthy economy. Momentum investment strategy is a nuanced version of growth investment strategy. It entails capitalizing on the current price trends with the expectation of the momentum continuing to build in the same direction.

Although not exhaustive, these are some techniques that enable an investor to select the investment strategies that best suit his needs.

However, it is recommended to seek the guidance of an experienced financial advisor while planning the investment portfolio. Greg Silberman is a reputed financial consultant in Georgia, Atlanta. He suggests investment strategies to his clients that are good for them.