Best Family Office Investment Management

Avail the Best Family Office Investment Management with a Professional

A family not only perpetuates its wealth but also its beliefs and values to its generations. With growing globalization, families are finding management and preservation of their wealth and assets a challenge. At such a time has emerged the concept of ‘Family Office’. A family office offers numerous services to individuals and families.

Family offices have become a popular investment vehicle in the recent times. Most affluent individuals and families prefer to outsource the planning and management of their finances to professionals. These professionals provide comprehensive services that include investment management, tax planning, insurance, succession planning and many more.

Since a family office offers a wide range of services to their clients, they require the services of specialists such as chartered accountants, lawyers, notaries, estate administrators, to name a few. The family office manager coordinates the activities of these professionals to provide the relevant services to the client.

How does a family office manager decide his course of action?

  • Understands the financial objectives of the family
  • Formulates a common investment strategy that unites the diverse interests of the individual entities in the group
  • Studies the trends in the investment market
  • Offers customized investment solutions based on the trends which meet the financial goals of the families

What is implied by the best family office investment management service?

  • The advice given to the clients is independent and objective which empowers the investors to take well-informed and sound decisions.
  • The family office should track the performance of elite investment managers and the niche categories without depending on an intermediary.
  • The investment portfolio of individual families is planned so as to yield risk-adjusted returns on investments.
  • Investment management also includes efficient book-keeping, day-to-day accounting, taking care of the billing.
  • These services should also ensure that the investment portfolio is tax-efficient and aligned to the investor’s estate planning.

There are various family office managers offering services. However, one should ensure that he/she entrusts this responsibility to a reliable manager.

Greg Silberman is a family office manager who offers services to his clients covering all aspects of financial management. He has been successfully providing services to affluent individuals and families seeking family office investment services. He is based in Georgia, Atlanta and has been providing services to numerous clients in addition to family offices. He serves families, individuals, institutions, etc. He has an in-depth knowledge of the field of finance and is well-experienced in this field.